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Recruitment Company Profile (Job Crazy)

Job Crazy is a recruiting company that is well established in the employment sourcing or job recruitment field.

Job Crazy charges a once off annual subscription fee to all job candidates of R98.00 only. When you calculate the effectiveness of this amount it is less than buying any other employment publication to assist you in finding a job. Not to mention the fact that employers can browse your details as much as they like.

Our in-house service specialists are sending your application on a daily basis to companies with vacancies and applicable job positions in your area.

The employees at Job Crazy specialize in finding candidates suitable positions that meet their job requirements.

At Job Crazy we strive to get our candidates suitable employment positions that meet their job requirements, including relevant salary, job benefits and employment expectations, i.e. medical aid and pension funds. We are not classified as a typical employment agency but we focus mainly on marketing our registered candidates towards job positions that may become vacant, by circulating their CV’s to over 50 companies per week.

Job Crazy has built a lot of close relationships with companies that don’t want to make use of the normal recruitment process or recruitment agencies because of the exorbitant placement fees being charged, not to mention the time consuming effort that the company seeking candidates has to endure. Another factor to acknowledge is that that salary you get for your new employment position may not be as good as predicted due to the recruitment management fee as well as other recruiting fees being taken by labour brokers.

With our recruiting service, the “middle man” is removed thus ensuring your salary expectations remain the same. At least 60% of our successful job candidates have increased their salaries by up to 50%. We already have a sound track record of assisting more than 500 candidates in finding jobs, which have been placed into the career or job that suits them most. Please look at our testimonials throughout the Job Crazy site to find out just how happy our clients and recruitment candidates are, since using our innovative and selective recruitment process.

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